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2022 HOEFLON C4 For Sale In Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

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Multifunctional compact crane
The Hoeflon C4 (successor to the C605) lifts up to 2 tonnes. Quite a capacity for such a compact crane. The transport flexibility is thanks to its expandable crawler tracks (75 to 110 cm) and the low centre of gravity. This makes it ultra-stable.

In addition, its new weight is low. So you can easily transport it on a trailer for vehicles with a lower towing capacity. Finally, its compact dimensions mean you can take it anywhere.

Other benefits:
Fits through a man door

Can be used on an upper floor

Radio control

White crawler tracks available

Electric and/or fuel


2350 kg

Max. outreach

11.7 m x 144 kg

Maximum hoisting height, incl. options

15.1 m

Dimensions L x W x H

2.8 m x 0.75 m x 1.82 m

Dimensions including winch and jib

3.04 m x 0.75 m x 1.95 m

Total weight

1900 kg and incl options 2150kg

Boom system

Cylinder and chain system

Boom angle

-5 – 83 degrees


360 degrees

Drive system

via remote control 1st gear: 1.2 km/h 2nd gear: 2.4 km/h


Yanmar 3 cylinder, 1500 rpm

Incline angle

20 degrees

Ground pressure

0.59 kg/cm2